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Citizen Work Request

  1. Citizen Work Request
    The City of Milton is here to help. For any of the Public Works services listed below, please complete and submit our Citizen Work Request form. Road Surface Concerns: Public Works addresses requests for patching pavement potholes, resurfacing and paving roads, road striping, etc. Right-of-Way: Public Works mows all city-maintained right of ways. Pond Cleaning: Public Works mows, cleans, and clears all city holding ponds. Shoulder & Road Obstructions: Public Works removes Items in the roadway that obstruct the flow of traffic or creates a hazard on the roadway. Trash Removal: Public Works removes litter from all city roadways. Household items like bagged trash should be reported to our Code Enforcement office for investigation. Damaged refuse can-repairs: Public Works repair all City of Milton Sanitation & Recycle cans if needed.
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