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Tree Removal Application for the City of Milton

  2. Protected Tree?
  3. Heritage Tree?
  4. Application shall only be approved if one of the following conditions exists:
  5. 1. Any tree that is diseased, injured, and in danger of falling, or whose continued existence threatens public health and/or safety.
  6. 2. The protected tree is located in such proximity to existing or proposed structures that the utility or structural integrity of such structures is materially impaired.
  7. 3. The protected tree materially interferes with the location, servicing or functioning of public utility lines or service.
  8. 4. The protected tree obstructs views of on-coming ground traffic or otherwise creates a substantial hazard to such traffic, or where removal of the protected tree is necessary to comply with state and/or federal requirements or is necessary to obtain state or federal financial assitance.
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