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Jun 13

A Happy Place

Posted on June 13, 2019 at 10:01 AM by Pamela Holt

What I Love Most
Skateboarding is what I love most
in life is new tricks and skating
around in the cool summer breeze.
Hitting me is a good stress
reliever. If I’m bored, angry or sad,
I go outside, skate and focus
on the world more.
Doing and landing tricks
make me happy in an instant.
Like the “180.” Once I land it,
I know I accomplished something
that I worked hard to learn.
Landing a 5.0 is going up
a ramp and sliding on my back trucks.
The feel of the trucks on the rail
and its landing feels amazing.
Skating makes me feel free
to make turns, flips and do
what I love most in life.
My parents know it makes me happy
and that’s what they want from me.
They’re my biggest supporters
and without them I couldn’t imagine
where I’d be in life in skating.
Taylor Leek - student

Places I like are one thing,
but living with people
that love and care for me
is true shelter.
If I am hungry, I have food
because they care.
Derek Ashcraft – student

Hawaii Nei
Hawaii Nei
This is the place to be
Where it's sunny all day
And sceneries are heavenly
Here in Hawaii Nei
Families are most important
Eating with the fam at the cafe
Being with them is the best moment
You can never get enough
Especially during mayday
The guys in it look tough
In this place Hawaii Nei
Niue McAllister - student

My Happy Place
My happy place is school
where I love reading book
series like Spider Wick.
My teachers Mrs. Mullins
always says let your imagination
take you where it wants.
When I read, it makes my imagination just
burst with creativity and get smarter.
Think about this next time you read –
you are succeeding life.
Abigail Igus - student

Love the Game
The basketball court is my happy place.
It satisfies me and relieve my stress.
I love the game and everything that goes
with it. Most get irritated with trash
talkers but it motivates me
to play harder and be the best.
Never take advice from somebody
that doesn’t love you.
Jercole Johnson – student

Living in a Mansion
Home is encompassed
by the feeling of comfort & love.
Home is simply being with friends & family.
I could live in a box, as long as my support
system is with me.
Living in a mansion without the serenity
I feel with my loved ones is meaningless.
A life void of connections is truly empty.
Jessica Leleux – student

The Field
The field is my happy place.
It makes me relieve stress and
feel life is OK when
everything is a mess.
The football field invites me,
embraces me with open arms and
gives you the discipline
where legends are born.
Chedrick Carnegia - student

My happy is home
because I like it there,
nobody bothers me,
play my music and
can stay private.
Aven Morgan - student

Three Pointers
A challenge to pace
the three-point line is my place.
I want to shoot like Curry
with or without space.
Francois Sims, Jr., - student

The Court
My happy place is the court.
Why? Well let me explain.
I go when I’m happy or sad
and some days even bad.
I go in any weather as
it just makes me feel better.
Don’t let anything get you down.
Trelin Carnegia – student


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