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Jan 09

Teen thoughts on college and dating

Posted on January 9, 2020 at 10:05 AM by Pamela Holt

Teen Thoughts on College and Dating

Plan B
College helps prepare for our future.
But how do you prepare for college?
Some people go off of talent;
some off of brain power.
Most can’t afford it all.
But when you plan fails,
how do you get to your future?
Having a plan B gets you there.
Christina Moreno – student

Get a Degree
To get a degree,
it doesn’t have to be free.
Your future can be bright,
if you do it right.
You can get into college many ways.
Then, your career can shine
for the rest of your days.
Kiana Bowmen -student

Break-up are the worst thing
because you fall in love
but fall apart over the smallest thing.
If you truly love someone,
give them your all
because you fell for them
and you love them
and they can break your heart
with all that for nothing
but a broken heart and crying.
Jamarion Hadnut- student

He/she cannot give you
what you don’t have. So
work on your inner-self
and speak your mind.
Don’t be scared to tell
he/she how you feel.
Tylon lee -student

Be Nice
Date someone your own age.
The boy I liked; I love. He too
is nice but a goof at school
and to me.
I’m nice to him.
Zaryanna Hudson - student

Time & Place
It will take time,
I can’t believe I’m really
asking for dimes.
I ain’t got time.
I’m stuck here where
people can’t have
me like a mime.
I need someone to give me a vibe.
It’s too bad my heart can’t
really see vibes.
I’m out here trying to shine.
Yes, I know I’m fine.
These people trying to kill my vibe.
I love people on my side
like a shive
up your spine
I’m not falling behind.
You know I am deciding inside,
happiness is hard to find.
I push all the negative stuff to the side.
All said, I’ll be fine
but this stuff takes a lot of time.
It’s kind of hard to speak when it feels
you’ve got a steel pole in your windpipe.
I know it’s just me
but when it happens, it’s hard to breathe.
But I’m still going to be me.
So just sit down and see,
I just killed this beast.
So stay in your seat.
and I’m going to keep my streaks.
I’ve been out for weeks.
Yes, I know I’m unique.
This isn’t hide and seek.
I told you I killed this beat.
I’m going to go back to my seat!
Kelvin Flint – student


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