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Nov 06

Putting Happiness to Use

Posted on November 6, 2019 at 11:01 AM by Pamela Holt

Happiness is an attitude,
not just on what you are getting.
It’s working hard -
day in and day out.
So, happiness is anytime you want.
Chedrick Carnegie – student

Everyone Needs Happiness
Happiness is a feeling. It
happens when something
good happens to you. It
might be getting something
you want or something
that happens to you.
Destiny Willis – student

Good Attitude
I know what makes me happy
and I like make others happy.
One thing that gets me happy
is to being treated kindly.
Murcail Hudson – student

Focusing on Me
Happiness is something
that means a lot to me
and the start of getting
something that pleases me
makes me feel happy inside.
Scarlett Rawls – student

Key to Life
Happiness is something
that people feel when
they get something or
help someone and make
them feel happy.
Cornelius Coleman - student

What makes me happy is writing,
which makes me happy
because I put thought into my writing.
When I write, I feel happy
because I put my feelings
in my writings – happiness,
love, enjoyment.
Abby Igus - student

What my eyes see in my poems
is where I should be.
The haters are below me -
that’s the way people want you to see.
I know that I’m just trying to be me!
Kelvin Flint - student
We got a voice
but you always have a choice.


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