Utilities Signup

Currently, all applications for utility services must be submitted in person to the Finance Department at City Hall.  If you are interested in setting up utilities, copies of all forms are available at City Hall.  

Alternatively, you can follow the links below to print your own copies.

Application for Utility Service Form - Residential

Application for Utility Service Form - Commercial

If you are applying for sewer utilities, then you must also fill out and sign the Sewer Use Agreement for your provider:

Bagdad Sewer Agreement

East Milton Sewer Agreement

Point Baker Sewer Agreement

Sundial Utilities Agreement

In addition to your forms, please ensure that you bring the following documents with you to City Hall to complete your application process:

  • Lease or Sales Agreement
  • Photo Identification

All new services must be accompanied by a deposit or service fee which is determined by the physical location of the property and the services requested.