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Resolution No. 1549-22 : Hwy 87 and Magnolia Street

Ordinance 1978-22 Sign Standards - (Posted October 11, 2022)

Mobile Vendors Ordinance 1981-22 - (Posted October 4, 2022)

Board Vacancies:

Board of Adjustment - No vacancies

Civil Service Board - 1 vacancy, council appointed

Community Improvement Board - No vacancies 

Fire Pension Board - 1 vacancy, board appointed and council approved

General Employees' Pension Board - No vacancies

Historic Preservation Board - No vacancies

Planning Board - No vacancies 

Police Pension Board - 1 vacancy, council appointed

Clerk & Elections:

2022 City of Milton City Council and Mayor Qualified Candidates announced 

Economic Development:



Variance Request- 6630 and 6640 Applegate Street - (Posted November 14,2022)

Public Works:

Application for permit - Rapid Infiltration Basins (RIBs) and Slow Rate Restricted Public Access Sprayfield - October 2, 2022 until FDEP provides a Notice of Intent to Issue a permit.

Public Information & Public Relations:

Proposed Tax Increase Notice 

Parks and Recreation:




ITB 2022.13 Carpenters Park Boardwalk - Deadline for submission is November 30, 2022 at 2 p.m. (Posted October 27, 2022)