How to Apply for a New Business License

The City of Milton welcomes your entrepreneurial spirit and wants to make the process of opening a new business as easy as possible.

The City of Milton Planning Department is available for discerning the best outcome for starting a new business. See the documents below for help when starting a new business within the city limits. Although this guide may not answer all questions, essential tools and resources are available to put the new business owner on the road to success. Please contact the Planning and Development Department at (850) 983-5440 if you have questions or need assistance with starting a new business in the City of Milton. City staff is available for helping to obtain your business license Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please note:

  • A business license/Occupational Business License Application must be completed and approved before conducting business in the City of Milton. 
  • Every zoning district has allowable permitted uses within each zone. Planning Department staff will be able to verify if your proposed business is permitted. If your business is not a permitted use, you may be able to obtain a "Special Exception" through the City of Milton's Board of Adjustments. 
  • Additionally, before an occupational business license can be issued, a life safety inspection must be performed and approval provided by the City of Milton's Fire Chief.

New Business Documents