Flood Information

Every year, flooding causes hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of damage to homes and businesses around the Country.  Most of us know the dangers associated with Hurricane Season but flood events can happen year round here in Milton, throughout Santa Rosa County and the State of Florida.  That's why it is important that you stay vigilant and remain prepared for a flood event throughout the year.  The following information, tools, videos, and maps are being provided to you to help you keep your family and property safer during these dangerous events.

Flood Information Page Directory

  • Hurricane Season Preparedness
  • Flood Hazard Information with FEMA and Area Maps
  • Flood Preparedness Information Documents with Spanish Translation
  • Safety Tips
  • The Costs of Flooding and Flood Insurance
  • Flood Aftermath - Rebuilding and Claim Information
  • Selected Community Rating System Documents
  • Local River Gage Data
  • Additional Links To Santa Rosa County and FEMA.
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Links to Other Important Information, such as Santa Rosa County Evacuation Zones, Routes and Special Needs Shelter Information
  • Contact Information

Hurricane Season Preparedness:

Hurricane season starts in late spring and runs through the summer. For many residents of the Gulf Coast this time of year is accompanied by a little more anticipation and apprehension.  Just remember to prepare for the worst case scenario. Plan for an emergency; know your evacuation routes, and monitor the weather. You can help put your mind at ease and keep you and your family safe by staying ready for a hurricane.

It is also important to remember that hurricanes, though very dangerous, are not the only storm events that can cause flooding and property damage. The storm event in April, 2014 was not a hurricane but caused a lot of damage and localized flooding. Stay ready.

City of Milton "Map Information Service" - Map Series and Others

Take a look at the City of Milton's Flood Zones Maps and others. It is important to know if your home or business is subject to flooding; remember, you don't have to live near bodies of water to be susceptible to flooding. The City of Milton and Santa Rosa County can provide you with information from our FIRM maps as well as other important information. Give the City a call at (850) 983-5440 or call the County's Floodplain Manager at (850) 981-7029.

City of Milton Flood Zones Map (PDF)

MI1 Basic FIRM Information (PDF)

MI2 Additional FIRM Information (PDF)

MI3 Other Flood Problems (PDF)

MI4 Flood Depth Data (PDF)

MI5 Special Flood-Related Hazards - The City of Milton, though potentially susceptible to special flood-related hazards, does not have the ability to map such things as land subsidence, possible mud-flow paths, coastal erosion, or Tsunamis impacts. The Santa Rosa County Floodplain Manager may have some additional information on other Special Flood Hazards. She can be reached at (850) 981-7029.

MI6 Historical Flood Information (PDF)

MI7 Natural Floodplain Functions (PDF)


For Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and additional hazard information you can call the City's Planning and Development Department at (850) 983-5440.  You can also call the Santa Rosa County Floodplain Manager at (850) 981-7029.

Safety Tips - Remember the following: 

Do not walk through flood waters - It only takes a few inches of moving water to knock you off your feet.  Flood waters can be very deceptive.

Do not drive through flooded areas - There are more auto related drowning deaths during floods than any other.Flood waters only a couple feet high can easily carry a car away.

Stay away from power lines and electrical wires - Electrocution is the second leading cause of death during flooding events. Be sure to report downed wires as soon as you can find safety.  Call 911 and Gulf Power at: 1(800) 487-6937.

Help protect our City year round!

Protect our Natural Floodplain Functionality - Always remember to keep debris and trash out of and away from our canals the City's Storm drains, ditches, and other natural waterways.  This will ensure the free flow of water during storm events and help prevent flooding.

*Report any illegal dumping to the City of Milton Code Enforcement. 1(850) 983-5440 ext 1212. 

The City enforces Floodplain and Stormwater Regulations.Always remember to contact the City of Milton's Department of Planning and Development before you build - 1(850) 983-5440.  

Flood Insurance Information

Flood Insurance Facts:

Flood Insurance is not covered by normal homeowners insurance.

Homes and buildings in high-risk flood areas with mortgages from federally regulated or insured lenders are required to have flood insurance. In high-risk areas, there is at least a 1 in 4 chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage.

If you own a home or business in or near a flood zone or looking to purchase a home or business located in or near a flood zone, flood    insurance is highly recommended.

Remember, one of the most important steps in preparing for a flood is making sure you have flood insurance.

After a Flood

Insurance Claims and Coverage Information:

The Flood Insurance Claims Handbook contains a lot of useful information. 

NFIP Summary of Coverage

Community Rating System - Selected Annual Re-certification  Documents

2016 Annual Evaluation Report Flood Mitigation Plan (PDF)

Action Plan For Review and Comments 2016 (PDF)

Plan for Public Information Document (PDF)

Plan for Public Information Tables (PDF)

Local Real-Time River Data.

There are two active USGS River gages near Milton, one in Big Coldwater Creek and one in the Yellow River. The gages have been active since 2007. If you follow the links below you can find historical data as well as real time river height, discharge and precipitation data.  

USGS Current Conditions Gage 02370500

USGS Current Conditions Gage 02369600

Elevation Certificates.

Some Elevation Certificate data is available through the Santa Rosa County Property Appraisers Website. You can search by address or parcel ID and there is a Building Elevation cell within the parcel data table.  The link below will take you to the Property Appraisers Web Site.

Also, the Santa Rosa County Floodplain Manager has Elevation Certificate Information available at (850) 981-7029.

Remember to contact the City of Milton's Department of Planning and Development if you have any questions about the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), your flood risk or other hazard areas.  

You can also call the Santa Rosa County Floodplain Manager at (850) 981-7000 for technical assistance on property protection and flood insurance.                                    

Also, please remember to report any illegal dumping.

Thank you,

The City of Milton, Department of Planning and Development: (850) 983-5440

P.O. Box 909, Milton, Florida 32572

Remember to share this information; the more people who know how to prepare for a flood, the better!