Budget Department


The Budget Department is responsible for preparing and monitoring the city's budgetary information.

In preparation for the annual budget, the budget department performs revenue projections, and is available for support to departments for their expense requests.


The budget preparation begins in January each year and concludes with the 2 public hearings held in September each year. The fiscal year begins October 1st and ends September 30th each year.

The budget is monitored continuously for any needed adjustments. Any new Council approved projects and programs may require adjustments to revenue and expense lines.

Analysis of existing programs and/or projects are also a responsibility of the Budget Department.

City of Milton Budget Book

FY 2024 Revenue
FY 2024 Expense

Budget Resolutions

Resolution 1580-23 10/10/2023
Resolution 1571-23 7/24/2023
Resolution 1569-23 7/24/2023
Resolution 1568-23 4/3/2023
Resolution 1566-23 3/14/2023
Resolution 1564-23 2/6/2023
Resolution 1563-23 2/6/2023
Resolution 1561-23 1/10/2023
Resolution 1560-22 12/13/2022
Resolution 1559-22 12/13/2022
Resolution 1558-22 11/7/2022