How to File a Complaint:
If you see a Stormwater violation or something wrong with the City's Storm water system please call the Planning and Development Department at: (850) 983-5440.

If you have a complaint, please fill out this form (PDF) and mail it to:

City of Milton
Attn: Planning
P.O. Box 909
Milton, FL 32572

If you would like to file a complaint on-line and have it emailed immediately to our Code Enforcement Officer, fill out the Stormwater and Illicit Discharge Complaint Form.

Important Information and Stormwater Resources for you, your household, and your City:

Stormwater Master Plan

View the Final update on the Stormwater Master Plan (PDF)

For Additional Stormwater Information and Resources follow the links below:

Tappwater Website: The TAPP – Think About Personal Pollution Campaign helps educate individuals on ways that small personal changes in home and yard practices can help keep local lakes, sinks and streams cleaner. The campaign is here to help you understand your impact on water quality and to encourage you to take action by adopting some slightly different approaches to things you do every day.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Water and Non-Point Pollution Web Page. This webpage has both public and private information relating to Best Management Practices, Public Information, and Environmental Education Resources.

Center For Watershed Protection's Web Page: The Center for Watershed Protection works to protect, restore, and enhance our streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and bays. They work to create viable solutions and partnerships for responsible land and water management so that every community has clean water and healthy natural resources to sustain diverse life.

Water Conservation 101, by Home Advisor: Today’s modern household uses water for myriad purposes. Everything from cleaning dishes and taking showers to doing loads of laundry and washing the car can add up to several gallons or even hundreds of gallons of water used every month. Conserving the amount of water used at home will not only help to keep your water bill lower, but it’s also better for the environment.  A special thanks to the Milton area Girl Scouts - Go Green!