Comprehensive Plan

This Adopted Comprehensive Plan is dated January 12, 2021. Please contact 850-983-5440 to verify no other ordinances have passed since the publication of this plan that would effect this document.

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The following are sections of the Plan that correspond to different areas of interest.

Chapter 1: Community Wide Assessment

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Chapter 2: Capital Improvements Element

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Chapter 3: Future Land Use Element

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Chapter 4: Transportation Element

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Chapter 5: Housing Element

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Chapter 6: Infrastructure Element

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Chapter 7: Water Supply Facilities Plan

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Chapter 8: Recreation and Open Space Element

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Chapter 9: Conservation Element

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Chapter 10: Intergovernmental Coordination Element

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Chapter 11: Public Schools Facilities Element

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Chapter 12: Consistency of the Local Comprehensive Plan with the State Comprehensive Plan for the City of Milton

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Appendices: Sections A through E

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