Core Values


We recognize that we work directly for our customers – the residents of Milton that pay for our services; the members of the public that rely on us to protect them, their families, and their property; those agencies and others who request to us to assist and support them in their operations; and, all levels of municipal, county and state government with whom we cooperate to provide the highest level of service to our community.


We will demonstrate genuine respect to all members of the public, city government, and each other in all that we do. We will demonstrate respect because this is our standard, not because we demand that such respect be either earned or shared.


We will always strive to do that which is right, because it is right, regardless of the potential consequences, or the potential advantages to be gained by doing otherwise. We will choose to do that which is right, regardless of whether others will recognize that we have chosen to do right or not.


We recognize that we are accountable for all that we do, and will demonstrate such accountability to each other and to those at all levels of authority over us. We will not engage in any conduct that must be concealed from our coworkers, supervisors, or the public.


We recognize that others rely on us to perform our duty consistently, trusting their very lives to this expectation. We understand that we have the responsibility at all times to provide the highest level of service with the greatest value. We will acknowledge and accept full responsibility for our actions in all that we do.


We will always strive to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism in all that we do. This includes knowing all aspects of our jobs and performing with the utmost competency, always seeking to improve our capabilities. We will endeavor to always exhibit the aforesaid Core Values in our daily lives.