I & I Control

In recent years the city has undertaken major sewer system rehabilitation by performing a system wide Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) Study which identified over 30,000 feet of sewer and related man-holes that were rehabilitated in an effort to reduce inflows by more than 250,000 gallons per day.

Future Growth

The city is looking to future growth by performing utility studies along the major growth corridors to the West, North and East of Milton. In conjunction with these studies, the city has acquired property in the Santa Rosa County Industrial Park in East Milton for a future wastewater treatment plant site. Planning for this site is underway. In addition to the studies, the city is reviewing its effluent disposal options including public access reuse, spray irrigation and other land application methods.

Wastewater Planning Committee

In the late 1990s, the city formed a "Long Range Wastewater Planning Committee" to set goals for providing wastewater collection and treatment in the central Santa Rosa County area. A cross section of business, professional, military, local government and private sectors were represented. A general outline look at establishing a reasonable service area; future sites for wastewater treatment facilities; working together to obtain/maintain the highest water quality in the Blackwater River Basin; explore funding services for central sewers; expansion of the existing wastewater treatment facility; review current classifications of the Blackwater River and inflow and infiltration reduction.

Working with the State of Florida and Santa Rosa County many of these goals have been completed. But with the completion of these goals comes new ones. The City of Milton will continue to provide the best possible service to its citizens and the community.