Inspections, Forms & Permits

Building Inspections and Permits 

The City of Milton Fire Department Inspects all new businesses prior to issuance of a City of Milton Occupational License. The department currently enforces the Florida Fire Prevention Code. The process is initiated by submitting an Occupational License Application to the Planning Department at City Hall, 6738 Dixon Street.

Common Issues that are typically encountered when new businesses are established in existing buildings can be found at the attached Common Life Safety Code Issues (PDF).

If the new business represents a change of occupancy under the Code, the new business must be evaluated as a new occupancy under the Code, and must also be reviewed by the Santa Rosa County Building Department. Common issues encountered when converting a former single-family residence into a commercial occupancy can be found at the attached Converting House to Commercial Occupancy (PDF) or Converting House to Bed & Breakfast (PDF)

New Construction, Renovations and Changes of Occupancy

Whenever a new building is to be constructed, an existing building is to be renovated, altered or modified, or a change of occupancy is to occur, plans must be submitted for a Life Safety Review by the Fire Department before a building permit may be issued. All plans should be submitted, with a completed Application for Development Approval, to the city' Planning Department. Plans submitted for Life Safety Review must conform to the requirements of the attached Requirements for Review of Commercial Development Approval (PDF).

Fire Protection System Permit Application

The City of Milton Fire Department reviews, permits and inspects all commercial fire alarm, fire suppression and automatic fire sprinkler systems installed within the City of Milton. State licensed system contractors may submit 2 sets of system permit drawings, with a copy of the attached Application for Fire Prevention Permit (PDF), to the City of Milton Planning Department in City Hall. The Permit Fees (PDF) can be read online.

Burn Permit Application

The City of Milton Fire Department requires the issuance of a burn permit for any burning of residential yard trash. Permits may be issued only for the burning of residential yard trash generated on the property, provided all conditions of the permit can be met. Fire Department personnel will inspect the site prior to issuance of a permit. A permit is good for one day only.

View the Burn Permit Application (PDF) online.