Call 811 Before You Dig - It's the Law!

Avoid inconvenient and potentially dangerous interruptions to your service by calling 811 before you dig. By law, prior to any digging, the excavator must notify the Sunshine One-Call Center at 850-432-4770 or 811 during normal business hours, excluding holidays.

When You Call

Here's what to expect when you make this free call:

  • A service representative will ask you questions regarding the location of your planned excavation/dig. Two days after your request, a locate ticket will be issued to dig or excavate. Ample time is given to each utility owner in the area to respond and accurately locate his or her utility.
  • The Sunshine One-Call law applies to everyone, including home owners who may be excavating for a flag pole installation, landscaping, pool or other excavation activities.
  • Yellow pipeline markers are placed at key locations where a gas pipeline crosses streets, driveways, etc.
  • Our markers have phone numbers on them requesting excavators to call prior to digging in the area.

In An Emergency

In the event that any person hits or punctures a gas line, stop all equipment and evacuate immediately. Call 911 or the Milton Police Department at 850-983-5420 at once. Report even minor damage, such as dents, scrapes or chips to the line. Do not cover the line.

Service Marker Colors

Marker flags are used to help locate gas and other service lines.

Color Chart Used When Locating Services

OrangeCommunication / CATV
PurpleTemporary Survey Markings
WhiteProposed Excavation