Natural Gas of Milton


Want a cheaper, more environmentally friendly energy for your home or business?

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Clean & Safe Energy

Since 1949, Natural Gas of Milton has provided clean, safe energy to residents of Milton, East Milton and Pace. Environmentally-friendly natural gas keeps many homes, businesses and industries operating smoothly at a significant savings over other forms of energy. We serve approximately 4,500 customers through 253 miles of pipeline, with new upgrades each year. The system is inspected by the Public Service Commission of Florida annually for compliance with Federal Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) rules and regulations. The City of Milton Gas Department also performs regular maintenance throughout the year to ensure a safe natural gas system.

For the past 24 years, the Department of Energy has consistently reported that natural gas is the best energy buy. Electricity costs four times more on an energy-equivalent basis calculated in Btu, a standard measuring stick for energy value.

In addition to being a financially-savvy choice, the natural gas industry is dedicated to meeting stringent safety regulations. Providing a supply of natural gas to the customer's meter involves adhering to the ever-changing rules and regulations of many federal and state regulatory agencies. Natural Gas of Milton is committed to constant inspection, maintenance and documentation of our gas mains, lines and related services.