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The City of Milton Fire Department consists of 17 personnel divided into 3 rotating 24-hour shifts of at least five members each, and the Fire Chief. Each shift is composed of a Captain, a Lieutenant, and 3 Firefighters.



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The department deploys the following apparatus and equipment:

Engine 23

First-due Pumper – 2023 Pierce Saber FR Custom Rescue Pumper, with 1,250-gpm Waterous single stage centrifugal pump, 1,000-gallon water tank, a 6-person enclosed cab, 1,000 feet of five-inch large diameter supply hose, four pre-connected attack lines , on-board voltage inverter, a two-section aluminum hose bed cover and roll-up compartment doors.  Built by Pierce Manufacturing, Inc., and purchased from Ten-8 Fire & Safety of Bradenton, Florida for $657,450.26.

Pumper 23

Second-due Pumper - E-One model CAR42 custom rescue pumper on an E-One Typhoon custom chassis, with 1,250 gpm pump, 1,000-gallon tank, 6-man enclosed cab, top mount pump panel, 1,250 gpm deck gun, on-board PTO generator, 1,200 feet of five-inch large diameter supply hose. Purchased in 2012 with all hose and equipment from Sunbelt Fire Apparatus in Fairhope, Alabama for $409,248.

Reserve Engine 23

Reserve Pumper - E-One model C023 triple combination pumper on an E-One model 224 Cyclone II custom chassis, with 1,250 gpm pump, 1,000-gallon tank, 6-man enclosed cab, top mount pump panel, 500 gpm deck gun, generator, 1,200 foot five-inch large diameter supply hose. Purchased in 1998 with all hose and equipment, from Sunbelt Fire Apparatus in Fairhope, Alabama for $237,465.

Rescue 23

E-ONE commercial mini-pumper on a Ford F550SD four-door chassis, with 750 gpm Hale pump, 300-gallon water tank, LED lighting, roll-up compartment doors, electric winch. This vehicle carries first aid equipment, AED, hand tools, air bags, and a full set of Hurst hydraulic extrication equipment. Purchased in 2017 from Sunbelt Fire Apparatus in Fairhope, Alabama, for $239,342.

Marine 23

Thanks to generous donations, the City of Milton Fire Department has appropriate means to assist and perform water rescues. Marine-23 is a 17-foot Boston Whaler Guardian with 90hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboard motor. Thanks to a generous donation from the Blackwater Pirates, Marine 23 is also equipped to also serve as a Police Patrol Vessel during special events on the Blackwater River.

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All department operations are housed in the Fire Station located at 5321 Stewart Street. This station provides sleeping and living quarters for the on-duty personnel, administrative office of the Fire Chief, storage for the fire apparatus, and storage for all fire department equipment. This new, state of the art facility also provides an area for classroom training and public education, and incorporates specialized training props to support hands-on practical training on a single-company, multi-company, and multi-jurisdictional level.

Fire Dept.

Types of Emergencies

The fire department responds to a wide variety of emergency incidents including: 

  • Structure fires
  • Vehicle fires
  • Brush fires
  • Medical emergencies
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Extrication
  • Downed power lines
  • Fuel spills
  • Gas leaks
  • Hazardous material emergencies
  • Animal rescues

On-duty personnel handle response to most incidents. Response to working structure fires, and similar large incidents requiring a great deal of manpower, is provided through call-back of off-duty personnel, providing the ability to assign up to 16 trained firefighters to an emergency on rapid notice.

Standard Operating Procedures

The City of Milton Fire Department's capacity to respond to and manage a wide variety of specialized emergency incidents is greatly improved through the establishment of a comprehensive set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). These SOPs cover: 

  • The Incident Command System
  • Communications
  • Responses to fire calls, medical calls, hazardous materials incidents, waterborne emergencies, mass casualty incidents, mass casualty incidents involving violence, bomb threats, and ground searches missions
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Training
  • Apparatus maintenance
  • Pre-fire planning

In conjunction with continuing training in all areas of emergency response, these SOP's provide an effective framework around which to manage the response to all emergency incidents.


Training is a very important part of our normal routine. Each year, in addition to the annual training calendar, very beneficial specialized training programs are conducted. Periodic multi-jurisdictional hazardous material exercises are conducted in conjunction with Santa Rosa County Emergency Management. Extensive training has been conducted on Confined Space Entry and Rescue, Incident Command, Hazardous Materials Response, Response to Terrorism, railroad incidents, and Emergency Medical Technician training.

Life Safety Inspections

The City of Milton Fire Department conducts Life Safety Inspections on new and renovated businesses, as well as all new occupancies when an Occupational License is applied for. We have also begun to utilize certified suppression personnel to begin a program of regular Life Safety Inspections. This program has been very successful, and has addressed many deficiencies that have gone unaddressed for many years. We expect this program to greatly improve the level of life safety in commercial buildings, and hope to expand this program in the future.

Other Involvement

Prevention of fire, injury, and other emergencies is a major part of our effort. Fire Department personnel provide public education to many groups, including school children, civic groups, and business and industry groups. We are prepared to meet the many challenges that the new millennium brings. We continue to work toward necessary future improvements such as replacing the existing rescue vehicle, and eventually increasing staffing to meet the ever-increasing emergency activity. The Milton Fire Department is intent on professionally meeting the emergency services needs of our community in the 21st century.

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